Chekhov / The Power of Imagination

Acting, you have to teach yourself, but Michael Chekhov gives you the necessary tools to do so … they’ve proved very effective. I’ve used them over and over, and still do them.“
– Clint Eastwood –

„There’s always this need to continue growth, to expand. For me, Chekhov’s system is the most complete.“
– Jack Nicholson –

This is a rare opportunity to get to know all the fundamental tools of the Michael Chekhov Technique and its further developments by Chekhov’s lifelong companion George Shdanoff.

Michael Chekhov Technique Berlin / The Power of Imagination invites all actors, directors and artists of any kind!

The 5 basic energies / The 6 basic characters

Thinking / Feeling / Willing

Personal atmosphere

Psychological gestures for a character / for a superobjective

Imaginary body and archetypes

Energies of need / tragic flaw / public persona

Energetic work on visible and invisible objectives

Objectives and qualities

Imaginary centers and much more.       Let’s transform ! Let’s create !


“Michael Chekhov made me realize that truth as naturalism was far from the truth. In him I witnessed exciting theatrical form with no loss of content, and I know I wanted that too.” – Sanford Meisner –

Chekhov / The Power of Imagination takes place on a regular basis in Berlin and other cities like Munich, Zürich or Vienna.

German and English

Chekhov / The Power of Imagination: Michael Chekhov developed a brilliant and utterly effective technique for actors or any artists. Chekhov’s longtime companion and dear friend developed that technique further, after Chekhov’s death in 1955. A whole list of outstanding actors and actresses used and deeply appreciated Chekhovs work: Ingrid Bergmann, Yul Brunner, Gary Cooper, Clint Eastwood, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Anthony Quinn, Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, to name just a few.  Chekhov himself received an OSCAR award nomination for his wonderful performance in Hitchcocks „Spellbound“.