Creating Characters / Susan Batson Technique

movie frame number three in sepiaCREATING CHARACTERS
Mit Kristian Nekrasov

Masterclass „Susan Batson Technique“ für Schauspieler und Regisseure.

Tools, die dem Schauspieler helfen, eine reale, sprechende, denkende und fühlende Person zu kreieren. Alles basiert auf der persönlichen Wahrheit des Augenblicks, und beginnt mit der Transformation dieses Gewahrseins in die imaginären Umstände des Stücks oder Scripts.

„By using Need, Public Persona and Tragic Flaw an actor can make any character reach any audience, regardless of language, era, theme or style. The actor who masters these three dimensions of character becomes equipped to create life out of a script.“
– Susan Batson –
– awareness
– previous circumstances
– relationships and personalization
– the superobjective
– need, flaw and persona
– sensory conditions / as if
– moment to moment work, beats and actions
– emotional preparation
– character private moment
– the animal
– daily activities
– and much more!

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We put the emphasis on the person and the drawing of his inner nature, intimate, which helps the blockages to free themselves and the potential can be finally, completely exploited.

The class is about emotional and physical development in several stages. The actors will explore and receive their own internal process.

Thanks to this one, they’ll discover of the parties very deep in them and find their own personal path, in order to feel free of their physical and emotional blockages, totally connect to themselves, to create a character through their imaginary and with all the possible dimensions.

The culmination of this class is the highest form of the know-how of the profession for an actor. Create a character completely human, using his personal method.

The actor lives, and is the character. Its blocks are released and it can be in the service of this one. You create by yourself, with what is „in“ you. With your truth.

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Jeweils Start um 10 Uhr.
Sprache: Deutsch und Englisch

Preis: 380,- Euro, und 340,- Euro bei Buchung bis 15.06.2017

“In my effort to offer you the best training possible, I am recruiting masters of the craft from all over the world. Kristian Nekrasov is a master who will train you for the rigorous demands of the industry in the real world. I enthusiastically endorse his workshops and vehemently encourage you to show up for them.”

Always in the Art!
Susan Batson

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